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Bent  - Sean Michael Okay, I attempted to read this one several months ago and couldn't get through it. It just fundamentally bothered me.The beginning still bothered me, but I was able to suspend my disbelief enough to just go with the flow and not worry too much about issues dealing with consent and whatnot (as weird as that sounds).Ah, perhaps I'm just a jaded soul now and can take it.It's weird because it starts off rather like non-con and then goes into dub-con and then you're blinking wondering if you fell into Stockholm along with Jim.Except it's not really that.Yeah, there weren't any explicit consents or whatnot when the thing started, but Jim was never going to consent, not the way he was, and in many ways, he DID need it...I dunno...this one's got me in quite an intellectual tizzy.On another hand...There's something weird going on with Jim besides all that peripheral circumstance-related shit.Is this bad editing, weird encoding, or does Jim have a really odd verbal tic?Is anyone else seeing all those random "I."'s all over everywhere?I'm not really sure what to make of that. On one hand, it could be a quirk, but on the other hand... It's just "I." No trailing off or anything, no stuttering, etc.Just "I." In random places.There were also some odd comma usages sprinkled throughout, but they were generally technically extraneous commas that still made oratory sense. They're the kind of extra commas that people sometimes put before "because," because there tends to be a natural pauses there (e.g. in this sentence).I think what I had the most issues with was the piercing and tattooing because the whole thing seemed so dub-con. It was solid, though. Aside from the above, the writing was good and it was quite engaging.I actually got chills at one point I think it was when Jim was talking about his shitty childhood and the mental hospital his dad consigned him to.That earned it the extra star and the place in my faves shelf.