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Shepherd, Slave, and Vow - Lyn Gala Hooo damn. Lyn Gala, what a jewel.My reaction as I was reading:Ooooh this is so good!And I especially love the analysis into the whole Athena vs Mars/Ares thing. As a mythology buff, I whole-heartedly approve of this :DThe entire thing is rather well-done. It's clever, rather inane at times, but still soulful.My only real issue is that the eagle described, while very, very vague, automatically makes me think of a bald eagle (something was mentioned about a white head), which is native to the Americas and not Greece/the Mediterranean. I suppose it COULD have been a short-toed snake eagle, since those sometimes have white heads, but Zeus' sacred bird is described as a golden eagle, and while that doesn't necessarily point to Aquila chrysaetos, I'd think that an actual "golden eagle" would be a much closer approximate. Either way, it wouldn't have a white head.But other than that, this is a beautiful little read. Clever, well-worked, inane, profound, all that jazz. Oh, Lyn Gala. She really does know how to balance the inane with the soulful and really sell the world she's working with.