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The Amethyst Cat Caper - Charlie Cochet I am not going to rate this (I know, I know. Perish the thought and all that nonsense).I just can't, not in good faith, anyways.For one thing, I despised Hawk. Just absolutely despised him. I really wanted Gray to win, you know. So much so, in fact, that Gray/Remi are now my head-canon. I just decided that and so it shall be. There's just...something about him...I find...distasteful. Something Javert-like. For whatever reason. Of course, for me to find the reason, I'd probably have to reread it, but I don't want to. I think it might make me physically ill. Either that or make me punch a wall and I really don't want to put another hole in the drywall. Those things are rather annoying to fix, you know. Especially if the entire damn panel of drywall splits like opening shutters like it did last time... =_=Granted, the last hole was completely an accident, but I know if I purposefully reread things that annoy me, I'll be supremely tempted to punch something. Which would most likely be the wall.~sigh. Gray/Remi. My beautiful head-canon...