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A Devil's Own Luck - Rowan McAllister I am saddened. Let me elaborateNow, I must have read the blurb and liked it at one point in time because otherwise I wouldn't have a copy of it, but I didn't read the blurb going into it, so I suppose it's my fault I didn't get what I wanted.But seriously, it wasn't what I wanted. I really wanted it to be where the William dude is all set and bent on seducing Stephen or whatever and it seems like he's succeeding, but it turns out Stephen is actually playing him all along, but not in a mean way. More like...he was actually the one who was driving the whole thing and William ended up unwittingly following Stephen's lead. Something like that.Incidentally, is there some book like this that someone can recommend?I see what I wrote before and I still really want Stephen to top...I really wanted him to be the figure in the back, but I think he's more the figure in the front =_=Sigh. The book got me all excited when Stephen started getting all rough with William that first time...but then William's all "Nope. This is my show." =_= I radiate disappointment like a cloud of ions. Why ions? I have no idea.It contains two tropes I rather dislike: Defrosting Ice Queen and Poor Communication Kills.I guess this generally wouldn't be too big a problem, but I'm just sad because it - though through no fault of the author - wasn't what I wanted.You know, one day I'm going to go find one of those perfumer house things and figure out exactly what each of these things that keep getting mentioned smell like. Patchouli...(On an unrelated side note, I really, really want to find out what amber smells like. I mean, it's fossilized tree sap, right? Would could it possibly smell like? Resin? Rock? And what exactly is musk, anyways? Is it something I've smelled before but have never connected the name to? So many questions...)Partly because it was still well-written and sensual regardless of my personal issues with the plot and partly because I have an odd fascination with amber eyes, I read on.And then I read on after that because Stephen is such a Woobie and I have a weakness for Woobies. I mean, this has me speaking in tropes a bit, but it was still enjoyable to read. I didn't want to stab something and I actually did kind of want to keep reading.But man, this Stephen dude is puzzled, or confused, or w/e a lot. Maybe that's part of what kept pulling me out of the story. However, since I was frequently pulled out of the story and would find myself accidentally skipping pages/skimming over so extremely I didn't actually read, I found that I was able to suspend my disbelief better. Then again, I could have just been distracted.Just something random...whenever I see "tankard," my knee-jerk reaction is to picture some sort of weird portable fish tank contraption. In my defense, my first exposure to the word "tankard" was when I was very, very young (middle school?) and reading [b:Beware Princess Elizabeth|695219|Beware, Princess Elizabeth (Young Royals, #2)|Carolyn Meyer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1297108470s/695219.jpg|36237] and dgaf enough to look the word up. Besides, all these modern-day conveniences such as Google constantly at the tips of your fingers...that shit didn't exist back then. Or if it did, it certainly wasn't our first reaction to go there.I also feel like it's not quite a "pure" historical. There might have been a couple anachronisms here and there - or what I felt like were anachronisms - but I didn't live during that time period and I'm not a history scholar, so what do I know for sure? Not much. I'll let that point go.The rising action and the climax were a bit...anti-climactic. It was very benign, I think, but not altogether bad. It's a different dynamic than what I usually read.I think I actually sort of enjoyed it, regardless, so *shrugs. There weren't any glaring grammatical or semantic errors, so it's at the very least decently written.