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To Adam With Love   - Adrienne Wilder Lol wut?This is ever a Fiction Rule of Thumb moment if I've ever seen one.The author doesn't invent words, however. No, she creates some, but also seems to redefine about half the English language. It got awkward because even though I read through the glossary, I had no context and so didn't really remember the terms. To make it even more awkward, her redefined terms were in italics, too. Which meant my mental voice read them all with special emphasis.The method Wilder uses - the flashback per chapter thing - is interesting, but also screws around with the continuity a bit.+1 star because its take on love was rather adorable.Still, I don't like the way it ended. It ended on an incomplete note and forces the reader to guess the rest. The second book is about some dude named Liam, so I have no idea if the main couple (implied menage?) are going to show up at all.The entire thing was rather murky in a sort of awkward way...I also feel the need to say that I don't really like the cover model's face. He looks kind of strung out and creepy...