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Mask - Jan  Irving It's very rare that I give a gave-up book a not-1-star-rating if rate it at all, but this was, as Shawn said, a very odd book.dnf at about 55%, five or take a couple pages.I was sort of...weirded out. It was like in [b:Bound for the Forest|12574400|Bound for the Forest|Kay Berrisford|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349533628s/12574400.jpg|17585032]. I kind of liked it, but then it was all SEX, SEX, SEX EVERYWHERE AND ALL THE TIME AND THE MEANS AND THE ENDS AND SEX.It got a bit tiring.I was sad because I rather liked the whole shrouded mysticism sort of thing. I didn't like it when it started solidifying because of the way it went about it. Instead of throwing out tidbits and answers to the hints, it threw in...I dunno, it just somehow became trite. It wasn't really an unveiling; it was us unwittingly catching them doing the nasty while they indulged a really awkward fetish/kink, like...sex while popping balloons and dressed in pearl necklaces and froufy wigs...on a trampoline.It jarred with the tone of the first part.The online/chatroom correspondences went from being another layer to the mysticism to sort of a gimmick -- we can't communicate in person; no, of course not. We need to resort to conversing from afar through electronic means. Okay.And then there were random parts thrown out that I feel like might have originally supposed to have some purpose, but the author got distracted by another plot bunny and forgot about it.It makes me sad. I was all enjoying the atmosphere and shit (I mean, there was tons wrong with the way things were progressing and shit, but I DID rather like the atmosphere while it lasted; part of the reason it has such a comparatively higher rating)I also wanted to know more about the art. I mean, Nick's an artist. The LI Who Shall Remain Unnamed claimed to be an artist in his own fashion. And yet, as you get more and more into the book, references to art become few and far between and even then only referenced in passing or on the sly. It actually reminded me of [b:Art of Death|15742843|Art of Death|Ana Bosch|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1341798723s/15742843.jpg|20431446] for a while-ish, but the difference with the issues I had with this and that are that I rather liked that AoD actually talked about pieces of art and stuff.