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Elven Journals: Unseen Paths - Scarlet Hyacinth ...okay, the cover's really weird.I was really, really surprised by this one. It was good. (Hyacinth's generally a rather...pulpy writer, isn't xe?)The story's told in media res, but it's very effectively worked. There are little discrepancies here and there, but they're not forgotten plot bunnies. I called out several things through the course of the book, but the way it was all resolved made sense.I love the way Hyacinth worked the timeline. You get almost a sense of convergence of the past and present as the book progresses which I think is highly effective.The overlap got a little repetitive at times just because I'm a really impatient reader, but I liked the way it interwove the two POVs together. It also helped strengthen the feel that it really was comprised of excerpts from parallel journals (although they would have to have been written retrospectively, wouldn't they? Ah, either way. There were some things that seemed weird for a retrospective journal entry, but it still told the story very effectively.)The way things spun out was great. I liked the development and cursed dramatic irony a few times.Gah. I had this whole thing I was going to say but I don't remember much of it...Oh, yeah. A random thing I remembered. It seems like I'm a face-burn magnet lately. I mean, the last, what, three books I distinctly remember reading all feature MCs/LIs with face-burns? There is no such thing as "coincidence." Hitsuzen and all that shit, right?It's good, guys. READ IT :D