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A Different Breed - Angel Martinez Okay, the first intro of the title in the book was rather gimmicky and whatever, but w/e.Ignore the cover. The cover is melodramatic and kind of weird.This book. It. Was. Amazing.Ish.I don't know what I expected, but it defied 'em anyways.Actually, I was going to create this whole simile with this book and The Kiss in The Princess Bride (you know, the one that blew the rest of the Record Kisses away?) but idk, man.Richard is, like, the ultimate Woobie. The insta-love thing was a little weird (in a bad-ish way) but it's fiction, so w/e.And you know what? Josh is a Pisces and so am I so, Pisces solidarity on that note.It's good. There's a plot. There's kind of intrigue. There are moments where it's inane, which makes it more wholesome.I didn't hate Josh, which is important, and Richard is just too damn adorable. And Richard bottoms, too, which is also important. I really wanted for him to bottom.But...it wasn't weird when Josh bottomed, which is also important. Something about the way it's worked made it, well, work. As opposed to "O_o wtf? Why the hell is he bottoming?"I also liked that the Hunter's Guild was an actual organized organization. Emphasis on organized. Too often it feels like I encounter hunters who are little better than miscellaneous rabble, which pisses me off cuz that's usually an indication that the author is unfairly biased against them to the point of turning them into pathetic caricatures so the MC and his vamp can righteously win or shit like that. To me, that's like bullying the disabled kid at school. Really? Picking on someone who physically can't defend him/herself? How much lower can you get?But yeah. Ignore the cover. And the gimmick with the title, which was stupid.ETA:Something I just noticed...[bc:The King's Men|9901412|The King's Men|Dirk Hessian|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1333345099s/9901412.jpg|14793659]Look familiar?