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Bound: Forget Me Knot - H.B. Pattskyn It was good, but I got a little leery towards it when Jason started getting all...dunno, like he still had a bit of PTSD from his mom's death and dad's neglect and was using BDSM as therapy...I mean, it wasn't quite completely that, but there was enough of a hint of that to make me uncomfortable with the BDSM element.I also am uncomfortable with the term "slave" in BDSM situations (as opposed to slave-fic etc) for whatever reason. I think I still have a bit of trouble wrapping my mind completely around the whole where to draw the consent line issue because I perceive the human mind to be highly impressionable, conditionable, etc, which therefore can make free will incredibly easy to subvert. Of course, some fraction of this (I don't think it's a large fraction, but it's a fraction nonetheless) derives from the existential rut that I seem to be in lately.Argh. Nihilism makes everything more complicated =_=But, um, other than that, it was good-ish and all that.I liked the RL references. For some reason (maybe I've read too much high fantasy lately...), I always see RL references as sort of Easter eggs...And the cover IS gorgeous.And I totally agree about Henry's mustache. It IS a very sexy mustache.