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Uneven - Anah Crow 2-star to 5-star? I know, I know. What gives?As I explained earlier, my initial read of this really was far too early. I read this just as I was getting into BDSM literature. My only experience with BDSM was with Stormy Glenn's work, which is probably only a couple steps removed from Kim Dare's in terms of sugar-kink.As I said, this book scared the fucking shit out of me.I mean, I shoved my way through the book, but I was also screaming "abuse" and "dysfunctional" inside my head (probably. Not like I remember what exactly I thought now.)It's actually very, very good. It's well-written. Extremely intense. I was worried for a while, but Gabriel actually takes the time to give Rase good aftercare, even that first time when he was mostly lashing out against all the evil corporate types he thought Rase represented, which is a very important point of contention between SSC and flat-out abuse.Parts of it are rather unsettling, but this book doesn't frame masochism in euphemisms and purpley professions of undying devotion. Not to say those are exactly bad. To each hir own, I guess.And omg. Rase is such a Woobie. He really is. He's that kind of awkward child you just want to hug and pet and say "awwwwwwww" at. Talk about extreme moe.