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Snow Bite, Blood Red - Jade Astor I thought it would be Snow White, Rose Red, but it's actually more...classic Snow White?It's...inane. Stupid, in many ways. I can't quite say I find it endearing.Look, I'm happy for him that the tutor dude didn't die, but...how is it only he was made into a vampy just like the king dude? Are you going to throw some bullshit about how at its inception, the spell was at peak potency? You should at least throw out SOMETHING, right? Otherwise, how is it there aren't shitloads of vamps running around everywhere? (Actually, it probably has to do with the volume of blood drank, but still. Would be kind of nice if that were thrown out so it's not random.)Sigh. I thought it was kind of good before it devolved into a poofy cloud of tropes and purple glitter...