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The Break In - Sloan Parker Damn if this one isn't good. The setup is beautiful. The entire thing is short and as such, the setup is a bit brief, but still wonderfully worked. It reminded me a bit of the way Tale of Two Cities is set up, actually.This is one of those feel-good stories, too. The emotions come through beautifully and although I do take some offense at the names (I'm sorry, but the author chose 2.5 of my least favorite guy names [even Roger's a bit iffy] so xe deserves all the scorn xe gets.)Kudos, though, because it doesn't have pages and pages of gratuitous sex. I'm sorry, but sex scenes can only last so long so there's really no need to have it span 2-3 pages of excruciating detail. It's okay. I don't need to know every single little bit of the mechanics =_=But this one was nice. I mean, the sex was raunchy, but it still was meaningful, so yeah.