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Between Heaven & Hell - L.M. Brown Well...I mean...it DOES have a kind of nice-looking cover, though...(This is actually one of the only angel/demon covers that I actually kind of like on first sight. There are some photoshop disasters here and there, but they're not exactly glaring, so w/e, I guess.)It was a study in "well...that escalated quickly..." and "O_o what's going on now?" and "wtf why the sudden reversal?" and nonesuch.Umm...it wasn't bad? I had a major contention with a certain point, though:After Tristan became the incubus and shit and he lost his memories, it kind of annoyed me that Alastor and Mac were all "your memories are definitely gone forever; we love you regardless" but still acting as if Tristan should be exactly the same. They STATE that they knew he might be different -- they don't allow for that at all. I mean, it kind of makes sense (no it doesn't. not at all, but I'm trying to be slightly conciliatory) since Tristan DOES get his memories back, but I'm still highly bothered by the way Mac and Alastor carried on in the meantime. Didn't really feel like they made much effort to find some sort of equilibrium point.Also, the memory-deal thing was annoying. By that time, I just wanted Tristan to leave those stupid-ass jerks and start afresh anyways; the "Oh noez. You made a deal now and you can't break it." thing seemed really...gimmicky.And really? The best deal you could get was "find a replacement"? Come on. That's really fucking pathetic. Up the ante slightly - I dunno, 125 years? - but with visitation right - conjugal visits, IDFAG what - or some shit like that?Argh. I'm just...frustrated by Tristan's "NO. I CAN'T DO THIS. THIS THOUGHT IS HORRIFYING" Heel Face Turn "oh...okay...fine. I'll do it."The subsequent justifications certainly didn't help.It just annoyed me when Mac's all "dw, guyz. I got this. I'll find a way out."It seemed too cliche-Good-vs-Evil-Good-Always-wins. =_=