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Breaking the Shackles - Mell Eight *pouts. I wanted more of Nyle+Leon...I really want to know...how does Dean magically know about sex? I mean, isn't it a "not-dragon" thing to do? Maybe they just skipped all of the extemporizing and such that Leon and Nyle had?Still...it seemed like it was a foregone conclusion when it should have been more like, "You're part of my hoard now. That means your my pretty and I'll take wonderful care of you because you're my pretty and o_o WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?????"Just a little hint of that would have been adorable since Dean was such a self-assured...(I'll be nice and won't say prick because *shrugs)...yeah...anyways, just a little hint of that would have been cute. Cuz c'mon, authors. You need to earn your squees.(I can see maybe why xe wouldn't; it'd be a bit too close to what happened with Nyle+Leon. I can also see why xe didn't go for the "We are going to do this sex thing" route because that's what Gail was all like. But still. *Consistency is all I ask ~sob*)The ending was just awk for me. I mean, it wasn't even that funny. It really was head-desk-worthy.In fact,