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Chasing Winter  - Rowan McBride I'm sitting here vacillating between 3 stars and 4. I'll go with three because I had some issues with the characters, but it's more a 3.5...I'm okay with a certain amount of euphemism, but I draw the line at calling your penis your "pole."But I think I have McBride pinned down now.(1) Porn-logic size proportions(2) Magical Alpha Male who gets Alpha Male Condition which makes him magically large and muscular(3) [for want of a better word] the attractive uke that becomes even more uke-like somehow and thus more attractive. Oh, also, they tend to be Woobies [but McBride totally works it so *shrug](4) lots of eye-rounding(5) True Love that Sees(6) Inexplicably really good messages within(7) seme-uke dynamics [but that's understated, so *shrug](8) [In every one/a majority of the ones I've read so far] the uke is older than the seme.The Magical Alpha Male Growth Condition gets a little annoying after a while.The feel I get from McBride's work is that of a...well-made porno? Like a high class courtesan instead of a brothel penny whore. It's cool and stuff and borders on arthouse film and shit. But it's still porn.I also am getting to a point where I can't ignore this anymore: why are all of her ukes so damn delicate? I mean, come on. Small size does NOT equal delicate (small children, anyone?). It CAN but for some reason, she equates it with "always does."And it's starting to annoy me.I mean, they tug at my heartstrings, yes, but I'm getting so worried for them that I'm getting annoyed. Like "WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU SO DEFENSELESS?"And again. UUUUUUkkeeee-pheeeereeeeemoooooones. Anyways, it's really, really overwrought, but it still gives me the feels, so I can't completely hate it.Actually, I think the trick to McBride is long breaks between books...no matter how tempted I am to pick up another one. Unless it's a short. But then, I don't really remember Chains that well...So I guess shorts are okay. *nodsAnd another thing:Oh. So that's why it's classified as "paranormal." The "dream come true" thang.Actually, the whole size thing reminds me of [b:Want Me|2904213|Want Me|Rowan McBride|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349005911s/2904213.jpg|2931357].Oooookay. Confession time. I started getting really, really creeped out when Keith grew to Epic Proportions.And then...Oh, god. Keith is Edward Cullen. With an anger issue.But xer writing's is good. Overwrought, but good. Relatively few grammatical errors, which is always exciting and a great plus. And interesting, if creepy at times.