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Hajiri's Pet - Auburnimp, Michael Barnette Heh, heh. Lookie what I found languishing in one of my numerous folders.Anyways, here's the review:Man, all this "this boy" business...what's up with that? Unless they're referring one of these things. (yeah, it's Japanese, but come on. I'm sorry, but Japanese pm takes a lot of stuff from Chinese.)But yeah. These things don't translate to English (imagine how awk it is for me to try to explain historical dramas to non-Chinese speakers =_=) very well/at all...I mean, it's set in a pseudo-Japanese-type universe, so I get the sentiment...It just...gets really, really distracting after a while, you know?(*sigh. It's moments like these that has me mourning how clunky English sounds sometimes, especially in comparison to Chinese. Chinese is so succinct, yet multi-dimensional at the same time. Each character in and of itself conveys a subtle nuance that adds to the overall meaning of the words.But alas. I pretty much grew up speaking English and so am more adept at manipulating this language. Fang and Fur and [b:Heroes & Ghosts|2612238|Heroes & Ghosts|S.A. Payne|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349059703s/2612238.jpg|2636886] in that they all have very, very similar tropes. Probably one of the most poignant moments was when Zen was praying. "Master of All Pets." That just...I...just... Wow. I mean, that's incredibly well-thought-out. Incredibly.I find it funny that Zen has amber eyes since snow leopards are UNLIKE other big cats in that they tend to have blue, green, or grey eyes.The idea, though, that Zen might instinctively use "me" and "I" gives me a bit of pause. I haven't done enough studies/research in this area so I can't definitively say, but this would indicate that he has some kind of ingrained sense of self. As I said, I don't necessarily know enough to say definitively whether or not a sense of self is ingrained or learned, so I'll let this lie. It is, however, an interesting point of contention.And then...geishas aren't prostitutes. Those are the oiran. And, I mean, I know geishas and oirans kind of look similar, but there are also marked differences if you know what to look for (lol). Anyways, this was all hammered into my head by this one manga I read way long ago (what was it called...? Ah, no good. It's gone), but geishas aren't oirans.Aaaaand magical penis solves all problems....Okay...Have fun with that...(to which they respond: "Oh, we will.")