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Lone - Rowan McBride I rather agree with Emma on some points.An alternate theory to Emma's issue is social conditioning. Everyone believes Ravagers/Ravager-Seth to be a brute beast. He grew up learning that Ravagers are pm just brute beasts that ought to be put down for the good of society.It's like African American kids who underperform when they're told that a test admistered to them is testing their relative proficiency. There's a term for this, but I don't remember it off the top of my head.The illeism gets a little weird after a while, but imo, it goes with the whole objectification and dehumanizing that society puts Ravagers through.Beyond that, though, it was...it was...Well, let me sum it up in two memes:So, main features of this book:I can't seem to decide if this was:orI mean, it's got the Algernon thing, but it's highly erratic...but it also does (I have to concede) evoke similar emotions (as in, actually evokes them).But there's so much that brings this:to mind that I can't, in good faith, say I necessarily liked it.I dunno...