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The Sin Eater's Prince - Keta Diablo O_o this thing has a blurb like that and it's NOT a menage?post-read ETA:Eh. Meh. Idk.Idk, man. Idk.I mean, on one hand, it's got this cool mysticism about it. An almost folkloric-y feel about it. I liked the connections to Welsh folklore/mythology and how that tied into the story.On the other, there are times when I feel as if I'm squinting suspiciously at it.I rather liked the premise. The whole sin-eater thing is something I haven't really encountered before.The vampire thing seemed a little odd...The sword thing was a bit "wtf?"The ending was kind of farcical.I dunno...this book has a good...atmosphere? Something like that.But the way the plot plays out...It gets kind of cheese-tastic.Ah, but of course. We can't forget about the deus ex machina:*shrug. I guess it was good-ish.Awkward Twilight moment(s) was(/were) awkward, though. (especially that one towards the end)