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Pawprints - Anne Cain Cover notwithstanding, the blurb reminds me of a manga I've read before...And person I assume is the cat looks like Hatsuharu, irony of ironies.Post-read ETA:Complete and total froofery.This is interesting because it's a yaoi/MM hybrid, but it seems to be heavier on the yaoi. Or maybe it's just the cover that has me thinking so. Here's some Haru love :The sex is ridiculous. Like, funny because it's so bad. I'm sorry, but it is.But no, beyond just Hatsuharu/Lal, this book's got yaoi-plot-whiplash.Aaaand random spanish.Yep. It's definitely yaoi (because the Japanese have this fascination with Spanish *stares at Big Three mangas [for the ignoramuses out there: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece])And okay, the fact that Lal has multi-colored lashes is just ridiculous. Eh. Meh. I mean, sure. Why not?But my main pressing question is this: What happens to Kal?bk 2 is about two other people, so not Kal.bk 3 is about the Main Couple of this book, so not Kal.Which means if Kal's plot is resolved at all, it would either be side or mentioned in passing....okay...