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Remastering Jerna (Remastering Jerna, #1) - Ann Somerville Tolomi's name seems to be an interesting nod to "Ptolemy" ("warlike" or "son of war," interestingly enough).But I'm kind of disappointed. I mean, it was going so well - it was very articulate, eloquent, and it demonstrated quite a nice vocabulary...and then that author-lady was "pouring" over books.Hmm...it's certainly an interesting read. There are moments when it gets bland. I kept drifting away from it, which is why it took me so long to read.There were parts that seemed...too easy or something.I think this is easy to discount because it lets you down gently at the end. I mean, it's nice, but it doesn't have the extremeness of impact that some others have had.Still, I think it's a rather worthwhile read.And the new cover really is much better than the old one.Eh. *shrug.