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Finding the Wolf - Mell Eight ~sighEvery time I read some sort of thing set in the real world, I find myself reading high fantasy next.But...do these people not wear shirts? (post-read ETA: apparently they do. they just never describe them)There was also an awkward semicolon. I mean, the usage was correct, but who puts semicolons in dialogue?"Prince Leon; my son!"Go with the dash, man. Go with the dash.Actually, I think a comma is fine here, as it's just an additional appelation. In fact, a semicolon maybe be incorrect. If anything, it should be a colon...Actually, comma would be best. (It's dialogue, for crying out loud...)aaaaaaahhhhhhhh this story is so squee-worthy. Like, totally justI mean, Nyle in the beginning..."There must have been a time, in the beginning, when we could have said – no. But somehow we missed it." (RaGAD)And then later...aaaaaahhhhhh so many feels.Nyle and Leon, you guys are in my heart forevermore.After Leon's injured:Nyle recognized Reese and staggered in the Alpha'sdirection."Reese," Nyle sobbed weakly. "Reese!"The Alpha jumped to his feet from where he had been holding the hand of a wounded wolf and jogged over to Nyle."Nyle, what happened?" Reese asked as he looked down at the blood and tear stained dragon."You'll make him better, right?" Nyle said, almost coherent. He felt himself list to the side and Reese's arms come out to steady him. "You'll make my pretty Leon not have holes?"Nyle felt his eyes close on a long blink as Toel moved to his side. Reese's chest expanded on a gasp as he saw what Toel held. Nyle reached out a shaking hand to clasp one of Leon's that was hanging down out of Toel's arms, but found he couldn't move from where he was slumped against Reese.So much happiness...this is so beautiful in every way AND its of my home genre.Aside from all the punctuation mishaps that annoyed me =_=Eh, but the story...(Look what you did; you made me feel *mock angry face)I predict bk 2 will be about Reese and the focus-kid.