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Secrets - Adrienne Wilder It's okay-ish, I guess. Once(/if) you get over profuse use of the word "metaphysical" (and its related derivations) and the fact Wilder pretty much redefines the English language...Like this:(the one for Assembly)Lots of window-switching between my ereader and this =_=It's in an annoying-to-read color, though.It's also annoying because there are a couple things I don't quite get/aren't really well-explained.This feeding thing...is it an energy thing or a literal eating-of-body-parts thing? Cuz I feel like there are elements of both but they either use the same terms, are randomly interchanged, or viewed as a unit anyways.But damn if Darwin isn't a powerful narrator. Chills, man. Genuine chills down my spine.Anyways, it's interesting because I read that one other book in this 'verse...that one with the really kind of stupid name...To Adam with Love?Something like that.Anyways, I think that narrator was a dude going through his shift, so it's interesting to see it from the outside now but kind of have an idea of what's going on on the "other side."