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Static - L.A. Witt Very evocative. I was hesitant to read this at first because Alex is originally a female, but it's not erotica at all. Well, there was that one-ish sex scene, but it was legitimately a pivotal moment. So yeah, basically, for those of you who are squeamish, no need to worry about squicky female bits. The middle part actually kind of reminded me of P.S. Longer Letter Later in a weird way. It was interesting seeing all of the subtext right out there and stuff.The Candace/Sam thing felt a little like forcing-the-issue to me, but I guess it did bring up another layer of intricacy...Well, after I got over my initial shock/skepticism, it all worked out rather nicely.The entire thing was rather thought-provoking and brought up a lot of questions on the fluidity on human sexuality in just our world (without shifters, ya kno?) It was kind of a hard concept to grasp, but at the same time, not really. The development and characterization was beautiful - even for Alex's parents. I could see where each side was coming from and though I did champion one side over the other, I couldn't completely hate the parents. I could empathize with them, if not sympathize.This, for me, brings up the idea of pansexuality and such, which kind of gets eclipsed by the LGBT community. I suppose this is the Q in LGBTQ (Actually, a quick google search revealed this LGBTQIA thing. Of course, some of my friends in GSA would also add P,S,O, etc., etc.)ANYWAYS. My point is this brings up a lot of issues of human sexuality that "polite society" tends to skirt around. It's definitely not porn, but rather a beautiful exploration into the complex and convoluted world of human sexuality and the associated problems.Very interesting and very highly recommended.ETAOkay, now that I think of it, I remember there were some grammatical mistakes that rather annoyed me. And I suppose I wasn't exactly reading this as a romance, per se. I kind of figured the romance was already in place, so I didn't have some of the reservations some of the reviewers had (I forget exactly who). I think I was looking at the entire thing more abstractly, more at the dissonances between gender roles and the false dichotomies society conforms to. *shrugs. I'm still sticking with my 5-star rating, even after reading some of other peoples' takes on this book.