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Denying Dare - Amber Kell COMMAS. GODDAMNIT. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO FUCKING USE COMMAS.I really, really don't understand the appeal of clawfoot tubs.And as for tigers purring...Research led me here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHZJrx7RZ2wBut apparently tigers can purr on the exhale...But look:http://youtu.be/tklx3j7kgJYThere's a white tiger @2:20And a bit of editing would have gone a long way... Steven jerked away like he’d been struck. “You’re not pack.” Dare nodded. “I’m not a tiger but Anthony declared me pack last moon meeting.”He's not a tiger?But...I thought the point was that he IS a tiger...?There's...so much wrong with the syntax it's not even funny."The vampire Alesandro killed the so they weren’t able to question him.""'He’s down the hall keeping company with my frieds.'""Cat’s had good instincts."And the awkward moment when the author forgets her character's name is Parker and calls him Dillon. Twice.