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Brush with Catastrophe - Tara Lain I'm with Vio on this one. I was a bit disappointed too, even though I went into it knowing it wouldn't be more of Killian and Blaine.In and of itself, it wasn't bad. It's just...I suppose it really wasn't fair to the book for me to read it so soon after reading the first one...(What was it that one person said...something about a book hangover? Inability to get into another book because you're still stuck in the world of a previous one?)I'll put it in WAS before I hand out a verdict, I guess.Mid-read ETA:Okay, guilty of commenting as I went. After skimming through a good third of the book, I think I'm settling into it now.The beginning was a little janky for me.And yeah, I kind of skimmed. But something happened, like I said, about a third of the way through (don't quite remember what) that really had me starting to pay attention. I think it might have been the Lucien/Killian subplot thing with the chocolate (yeah, yeah, guilty). But still. Thanks to that, I started actually reading instead of skipping through looking for references to Killian/Blayne and I have to say, Sammy and Ryder are pretty awesome in their own separate way. But seriously, man, they got a lot of this whole arranged marriage trope stuff going on. The fucking as healing part made me laugh. "He put his darkness in you. I'm going to drive it out." *grabs lube.Oh, I bet he is... *rolls eyesAlso, I totally called it with Ryder/Alvin/Alvish. Totally called that. Oooh a LotR reference. It works, too, cuz his name is "Sam"...The very ending, though, was a little awkward-turtle for me, although yes, Aloysius is still rather adorable.