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Sins of the Father - Fyn Alexander Hmm... It's weird. The relationship between Kael and Angel just skirts the edge of dysfunctional almost, but not quite... I mean, it's certainly atypical. What is the term I'm searching for? Ah, codependent. It seems almost codependent, but not quite.I do rather love Sharon, though. I love how she makes Kael see all this stuff he didn't realize because honestly, he skirts the edge of sociopathy in and of himself. I suppose that's what makes him interesting, but it also makes him fucking scary. If I knew him in real life, he's probably someone I'd admire from afar, but secretly, and hope with all my heart that I never draw his attention to myself.OMG When Kael went rogue, I kept flashing back to that one time when Conran was saying something about...*shrugs I don't remember the details anymore. But it reminded me of something that my subconsciousness had picked up on.Okane ga Nai. Ok, I feel the need to comment because I read that entire damn thing. (Yeah, it wasn't the anime [or OVA, but that usually just an anime "oneshot" so same diff] but still.)I object merely because I didn't like it. Then again, I have a general thing against yaoi which I shall put in a spoiler tag for those who don't care to know.My thing against yaoi: a lot of them aren't actual romances. I mean, there are some now that are more benign, I guess, but for some reasons, the ones I read keep mentioning Pavlovian dogs. One actually lampshaded the "brainwashing" thing. I shouted (mentally) "YES. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THAT IS." But not really, because brainwashing doesn't exist. What it IS, though, is a system of conditioning - both classical and operant - as well as Stockholm/Lima syndromes. Honestly, most of these things have to do with rape with the "Your mouth says no, but your body says yes" thing which is bullshit because it's fairly simple to force physical reactions with the right stimulus. (Most people seem to think that if it's "legitimate" rape, you'd be turned off by the brutality. However, rapists don't necessarily have to be brutal. Psychologically speaking, if they mix in just enough affection - or at least, the perception of affection - that should theoretically be able to confuse people enough for Stockholm to take root.)Another point of contention is the heterosexualization of a homosexual relationship (the seme-uke thing). Semes and ukes are very clearly defined. In fact, in many yaois, it's assumed that the uke act as the "woman" of the relationship. I don't mean I have a problem with one person topping and one person bottoming during intercourse. I mean I have issues with the inexplicable need for them to comply with traditional gender roles. This is pretty prevalent in yaoi. I'm not sure if I've read a yaoi (one that wasn't PWP or porn with Excuse Plot because those obviously don't count) that didn't have this dissonance in gender roles. It's like the seme's not actually homosexual but rather heteroromantic homosexual, a weird as that is. The guy on guy thing just becomes a kink. The "relationship" that develops...actually, now that I think of it, they all sort of feel like codependencies. (Of course, not that I'm riled and am making some gross generalizations. That's not to say none of what I wrote is applicable. It's just that I'm annoyed and perhaps making excessive use of hyperboles.As for my objections to Okane ga Nai, I don't feel like it was genuine romance. The poor kid Ayase seemed to have been conditioned into his role and developed a codependency to Kanou. That Alexander made it sound so benign...that's like taking one of P.L. Nunn's books (idk, Bloodraven or Neko, for example, or something...) and pretending it's like [b:Concubine|8822493|Concubine|Jill Knowles|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1281414187s/8822493.jpg|13696837]. There's just a completely different level of brutality and w/e. Of course, I've never watched the anime or any OVAs, so idk if they toned it down there or not. But still. I don't think they could have changed much of the premise or "characterization." (In quotes because honestly, Kanou really isn't characterized. He's like Asami from Viewfinder. He has a bunch of what can be seen as personality traits, but no real overriding personality.Anyways, back to this book. There's actually quite a lot of amazing subtext. Meh. For all of the little problems I had with the book, I rather liked the overall effect. And I also rather liked the ending, which is very important. (Last impressions and such, you know.)