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Sunset (Pact Arcanum, #1) - Arshad Ahsanuddin,  Craig Payst It was going well. It was going great. It was amazing and subtle and well-worked and full on lit-orgasm and whatnot.And then..."O_o wtf? When the fuck did Jeremy get feelings?"And then from there, it was really, really weird.There was a cheesy moment that was really cheesy and rote and had me cringing.I kind of stopped caring by then. Luckily for this book, the first part dragged on and on so damn long that by this time happened, it was a little past the half-way point.Unfortunately for this book, I cared more about Lorcan than I did Jeremy.It was weird because, per his character type, you'd think that I'd like Jeremy. What was it about him that just turned me off the whole situation? Was it how coldly analytical he was? I don't think that would have been a problem... His passive-aggressiveness? Hmm...that might have been it.And then he was just really awkwardly human. Like, normal O_OI should have known - actually, did know - that this was going to go down the drain when they introduced the second character that had an unrequited crush/love thang with Nick.I'm starting to think Jeremy's a study in codependency...And then I was just so...bored...I just kind of skipped around and searched for Lorcan parts. Actually, it got so boring that, even though I probably liked Lorcan best, I really wanted him to become vengeful and turn against/get turned against Nick and Jeremy.Something needed to happen to the MCs, man. Who cares about the CIA infiltration?wangst, wangst, melodrama, melodrama, politispeak strewn in...Ah. There we go. Finally some action.Argh. Too many fancy appelations. It was very high-fantasy, but since the style tended more towards urban fantasy, it was odd. Not that I'm against cross-genre works. It just...came out rather dry and created other layers of complex matrices of names to follow and figure out.I actually think the plot and the way it was worked was more suited for a thriller movie rather than book. You know, when you have tons of special effects and blowing-stuff-up's to move the "story" (read: action) along.Argh. This actually reminds me of the way a friend was describing the Infernal Devices Trilogy to me.The writing is good. The way the author describes the locations and world are very amazingly detailed and engaging. The dialogue's kind of meh but it's witty. The relationships suck.This is that.It even had a "eternity is a long time; these other people will die and one day it will be us" moment that apparently the IDT had.And then, oh, god. There's a "mine" "yours" moment.Eh. Meh. It wasn't bad?Well. Maybe it was. I completely bypassed shooting-the-wall-bored to something akin to a knife-self. Like this:Not a good thing.I'm with Aimee. I liked the first-ish part. And then it was weird.Maybe it's just not my book. I mean, the concepts were good (the concepts were amazing) and the cover is gorgeous. It's...there...eh. meh.No way in hell I'm reading anything more in this series. Sorry, but