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...this confuses me. So...it's like tumblr...for books?

Either way, I'm mainly on Goodreads. I do occasionally come here, and also do periodically import my shelves from GR here, but GR is a more sure bet for contacting me.

Doorways and Windows - Orbiting Jupiter Melodrama! Wangst! Manga-logic!I feel like aspirin really shouldn't knock anyone out...unless it's not just aspirin. I mean, it's, what, an antipyretic, analgesic and...anti-inflammatory med. Not anesthetic. And then...Isn't this Milo dude only a year older than Luke?WTF is he doing getting drunk? And is he even technically allowed to live alone? I mean...wtf?And how the hell is the school that incompetent?Eh. I guess it wasn't bad. It didn't work for me, though...