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Jamie's Merman - Daisy Harris I take offense because selkies are seal-people.And awkward because if he's got a tail, he can't exactly kick, can he?And this:"Marin collapsed on the pallet covered with sealskins."worries me a lot.=_=If you're going to write pwp, don't go try putting in excuse plot to make it more "serious." Sheesh. It just makes it not-fun because now I'm too busy being worried about the MC because he throws out there "Oh, no. I can't be with him cuz Imma fall into codependence."Argh. Okay, most of these froofy things could be construed as codependency anyways, but you know what? It's froofy. That makes it different because you'd be hard-pressed for any of it to realistically happen all at once.This...No. You can't make the reason Jamie joins in cuz of some weird complex. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HIDE YOUR COMPLEXES UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE (penetration) SEX AND DECLARE YOUR UNDYING LOVE, AT THE VERY LEAST.(sarcasm alert.)And you can't just throw out there that Marin's got consummate bottom written all over him, then jump to Jamie lusting after Marin's inexplicably huge cock, but then have no penetration sex at all (unless I missed it?)This is a disgrace to merpeople, selkies, and m/m alike.*derisive snort*The writing itself wasn't that bad. The subjects were.