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Awakenings - Scarlet Hyacinth This was kind of a disappointing read because I thought - based on the blurb - it would be a lot darker than it was.Even beyond that, there never really was a sense of urgency.Things just...happened. And the enumerated elements were just that. Enumerated. They weren't incorporated very well and seemed token at best. Actually, it kind of felt like the author got too excited about them and got ahead of herself, said too much when she should have moved on, skipped parts when she should have lingered to explain/develop just a bit more.Sponge coral is not soft. And there is no other coral that is vaguely spongy, so I fail to see how "spongy coral" would make a great bed if he finds a bedcover abrasive.Any character who really doesn't know when he says something out loud and when he says it in his head is TSTL in my book.And god, even the damn dragon had a wangst moment.Inexplicable Dragon Rider moment.Eh. I'm sad because it was disappointing.There also wasn't any sex until a good half of the book was over.Basically, going through this, there were little niggles that I could kind of ignore, but in the end, it didn't endear the book to me. Also, the cover, on first glance, looks kind of cool-ish, but if you sit and stare at it, it's kind of meh.And damn, Scarlet Hyacinth really likes her time jumps...And passive voice. Don't let me forget that. The mass profusion passive voice.