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The Handler - Stefan Seabourne Eh. I found it erratic, anticlimactic, and ultimately rather uninspired.It was rather clear that the only purpose of the plot until the closet-cum-bomb-shelter thing was pm to lead up to that point. Clusterfuck of erratic deaths told rather dryly. The "K, btw, I'm actually king" thing was stupid. Just stupid.The "intrigue" was either rushed or weak (or both) but definitely rushed, which ultimately made it weak.The romance between the two seem inexplicable and baseless other than "they're the MCs; therefore, they must end up together."That cheesy "look deeply into each other's eyes and see the soul" moment was excruciating.In the depths of the prince’s eyes, Victor saw a pain so deep, so constant, and so ingrained that it had come to define this young man’s life. In the pale gray of the bodyguard’s gaze, Arkasha saw emptiness, vast and cold as a lunar desert, aching to be filled, eternally searching for something that could not be named.Arkasha was a weird mix between useless idiot and Mary Sue. Maybe he was a Mary Sue because he seemed like a useless idiot...He's got a little TSTL going on.I mean, come on. He seemed like he was going to be a sort of BA, at least a little bit. He wasn't. He was useless and impotent and just generally an annoying nuisance.Victor was a weird wish-fullfillment thing for Arkasha. I mean, come on. A thirty-year old hot virgin who is unattached and "aching to be filled"?The queen's - sorry, dowager queen's - lame pun was lame. “If you are late for dinner, you will become the late king, if you take my meaning.”I found it an odd mix between monotonous and melodramatic, but still in the end rather boring, rote, and rather excruciatingly painful to read.In fact, I came very close to putting it in my kill-it-with-fire shelf, but the syntax itself wasn't that bad and I usually reserve that for authors who have pissed me off.*sigh.Pity, since I actually thought the premise was quite interesting. *could have beenActually, I think this/the author could have benefited from Visco's "How to Write Good"This one's pretty bad, but I don't see the author as beyond hope, for some reason, so maybe that's a point in xer favor?