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Survival - D.J. Manly ...clusterfuuuuuck...I want Gray and Russ to end up together and have an HEA of sorts...post-read ETA:This was definitely a "Can you feel ze schadenfreude?" book.Although the stomping on the phone really was excessively melodramatic, *tsk, tsk.Argh. I mean, it was cool at first, but then it slowly got more and more melodramatic and, actually, rather kitsch-y. Anyways, I decided not to question the campy cheesiness and just ride out the storm of melodrmatic purple.Gray's always had a bit of TSTL about him, but that was part of his charm.The explicit TSTL moment towards the end was just ew. "What's going on? How is this possible? Did he really just ___? How can this be?"Oh, come on. You can't set something in the modern day and still have that shit.And then it gets really, really purply. It has a spectacularly aubergine Declaration of Mutual Love and then an aubergine Transcendent Fucking of Perfect Love.Oh, god. And thus appeareth the Angel from Above.Well, at least Gray gets to display that savant-like ability to Know all of the TSTL characters must have (it's written into their contracts).Personal pet peeve - when people write lyrics and call them songs. As an actual "music person," such callous disregard for the actual music part of music tends to annoy me.At least have the courtesy to call it what it is - uber cheesy bad poetry.(For those who can't tell, I am partially joking.)The song was clearly a badly veiled allegorical symbol of the entire story and whatnot. Simple, a bit uninspired, but I guess useful in its own way.But damn, it's a short-ass song. Unless there are many and numerous guitar riffs in between that, for obvious reasons, can't be written in...guilty-pleasure is basically any book I thought wasn't bad, but still kind of a waste of time. But it wasn't bad *shrugArgh. I hate it when authors Flanderize their characters.