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Captivity - Adrianna Dane ...I've seen this cover before...Ah. That was it.[bc:Fugue|5986677|Fugue|Rick R. Reed|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1244212900s/5986677.jpg|6160439]Amber Quill, getting lazy with the covers*tsk, tsk*post-read ETA:An interesting exploration into value concepts such as freedom, captivity, and the possibility that those two are a false dichotomy.I don't necessarily agree completely with the conclusion drawn, but it's well-written nonetheless.This is actually one of the rare ones which I liked, but not in a raving-of-its-awesomeness sort of way.It gets a little cheesy at times, but I like that there's a sense of movement, of development. It starts at one mental state and sort of takes you to another.One thing that's really weird is I feel like the reader's led to believe that the "wild thing" in the beginning was a sort of Enkidu-figure, but Orion could still understand human language, apparently... I guess not so Enkidu-like? And I don't quite understand what exactly he is. Were they trying to imply that one of his parents is a literal bird and there was some kind of bestiality mating thing going on?