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Affairs of Dragons - Lena Austin ..."because fuck you"...Yeah, who needs logic when you can act irrationally to further the plot? All for the sake of the plot! =_=post-read ETA:This is pure froofy fare.Some of it is a bit "...okay. Thank you. *rolls eyes. Yeah, because I wouldn't have known that if you hadn't pointed it out. Thank you sooooo much."I was going to say this thing is completely ridiculous - which it is - but then... O: TAILSEX!Much abbreviated, yes, but tailsex nonetheless."Oh, lovely. Thieves, most likely. Undoubtedly they were making a mess of his orderly home and probably causing Jon quite a bit of discomfort. Humans were so fragile, even if they were so very charming."...why, yes. I, too, find thieves to be a rather minor inconvenience. Oh, those pesky thieves! How dare they!It's kind of gross the blue dragons can spit urine. I mean, that means they regurgitate it, doesn't it? Bleh.I love how they're in the middle of a crisis and Patch pauses for an information session. Granted, this is probably one to chalk up to the author, but still.And calling Jon a catamite...c'mon. He's clearly too muscular to be what is pm a twink.And really? "Porridge-faced"? I mean, I've heard of "whey-faced," but "porridge-faced"? What does that even mean?The random awakening-dragon-y-whatever thing was weird and begs too many questions, but it's followed by some mutual tailsex (really weird and a bit comical tailsex, but ah, well. it's not like there enough of it out there for me to pick and choose/discard unless it's really horrendously bad), so I guess I'll let it go.Completely and totally froofy. I quite like it, actually. It's unapologetically kitschy.