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Want Me - Rowan McBride A very interesting read. The ideas McBride invokes here are intriguing and I rather liked the way she delved into the darker sides of human nature. The way she handled the development of the characters was rather good.The ending - especially the prologue - was just a little corny for my tastes, though (hence, the 4 stars), but other than that, it's a good read.(ETA: Now that I've sat and thought of it more, it's not that bad. I'm still a little disturbed by this whole "It's GREAT!" thing because it seems a bit Stockholm-y, but, I mean, he could just be making the best out of a bad-ish situation? And I guess it is a lot better in comparison?And the ending poem really is beautiful.)Walker was an intriguing character. I actually thought he seemed rather normal at the beginning. Like, not-a-sociopath-normal. The sociopath thing seems to have developed later, at least that's how I felt. Perhaps it was just that it was thrown into sharp relief by his new social class and ensuing increase in social situations.Reread ETA:There are some things that are a little weird, such as Joel's delicacy (I mean, come on. Small children are small and they're not all wispy and delicate) but I suppose that can be chalked up to a sort of essence transference thing, so w/e.Walker's character, once I get over the initial shock, actually is quite ingeniously written. Taking into account his past and upbringing, everything is what it probably ought to be. His story and the way it's told is really rather heart-rending.Bravo for that, I'd say.Although, as with all of McBride's books, it seems, I really do hope xe's way exaggerating on some of the size comparisons.Some of them are rather worrying.Like when Joel says his prick wasn't even as big as Walker's little finger.Or later (a couple lifetimes later, something like that) when Walker says Joel could probably suck his dick standing up. Until he got hard, cuz then it would be taller than him.Those are highly worrying. I mean, how fucking small/large are the two of them? Sheesh.