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Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward D: QHUINN'S PAIN. HIS PAIN. I feel it, man.Qhuinn is soon becoming my favorite character, but mostly because he's got a large source of angst in his life and I'm a sucker for emotionally damaged characters.Close second is Blay, cuz Qhuay all the way, man.No one else matters.Well, John can count sometimes, I guess. Partly cuz he came with Blay and Qhuinn in a sort of three-pack thing at first, but also cuz he's got his own angst.And Xhex (even though her name is a badly-veiled bastardization of "sex") sounds like one of the only/few females in this series (I almost typed "species") that doesn't sound like a doormat/punching bag.But seriously, Qhuinn tugs at the heartstrings that only seem to exist when I deal with fictitious characters.And when he struck his "Roman oratory pose" and spouted pseudo-Shakespearean-Olde-English...And I agree, Qhuinn. Agasp, although hideous to look upon, does sound better out loud.See, the fundamental problem with Lash is this:"Lash" makes me think of Lasciel.And because of that, I have some kind of weird residual pity for Lash. Because of the ("real," my mind supplies) Lash from Dresden Files.*sighHow inconvenient.Somewhat mitigated by how much of a tool he seems. Hard to pity someone when they have TSTL - and not in the endearing way - plastered all over xer impotent ass. Complete Darwin Award candidate, that one.Ah, and then he goes and acts like a jackass. I just feel sorry for the arresting officers, since they're probably going to get killed...Gah. I can't wait until he gets killed for realsies. That'd be an exciting day.I agree with Emma. Doc Jane is kind of a bad-ass.And who cares if skipping around means I don't know what a lot of the universe-related shit means? That's what Google and Wikipedia are for...Although I'm still a bit curious as to why Demerol is so bad for vamps.And awkwardly, the one part of the rest of the stuff (the "actual" plot) that I catch is the part where Phury confesses he's a virgin after he has sex - er...tries to - with Cormia. I read a bit of his sob-story and then got bored, so back to Qhuay parts as usual.The Qhuay parts...D: That's a fucking love declaration, Blay! A LOVE DECLARATION, I SAY!Ah. I figured it out. Who Lash reminds me of. DragonStar, from that one series by Sara Douglass. Wayfarer Redemption. That was it. DragonStar...the evil devil's spawn one, not the Drago one.But yeah, he reminds me of DragonStar, probably because of The Man Behind the Man dynamics going on.Oh, and I read part of Phury and Z's backstory after Phury... OD'd?Almost makes me curious enough to actually read the others for the angst.I awkwardly mentally pronounce Zsadist as "zee-sadist."Actually, all this angsty backstory stuff sounds interesting in a soap-opera-y sort of way.Especially Phury's rather lame wizard thing. I mean, what the hell was that? Sheesh....You know, what I didn't really expect was to care about any of the other dudes. But I kind of do. In a sort of soap-opera-y way. Huh.But man, does the ending get cheesy for the "main" couple of this book.