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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I HAVE ARRIVED AT LAST. I DON'T CARE IT'S CHEATING THAT I SKIPPED AROUND FOR QHUAY.PARTIAL USE OF THIS GUIDE HELPED ME SURVIVE THE PERIPHERAL BS OF THIS SERIES.QHUAAAAAAY~I'M COMING FOR YOU~Post-read ETA:The angst! The angst! The consummate angst!I'm a bit sad, though...I kind of wanted Qhuinn to bottom...This, pm the entire book:I'm actually quite glad I did bother go and find the Qhuay parts in the previous books. It was quite useful, actually, and Layla meant a lot more now than when I first read this.But then, as it went on... O: IT HAPPENED. *happy dance*Some people have had objections to the m/m sex, but I personally like it better this way. It's weird cuz it's mostly subtext and stuff, but, you know, there is enough there. There is a sufficient amount of description for you to get the idea without it becoming painfully excessively kitschy.Whatever. I got what I wanted, so I'm deliriously happy.(More on this/clarification:The sex is sort of subtext-y (there was once I almost missed the fact that penetration had indeed occurred), but it's not bad, imo. Ward skirts over the physiological technicalities - which I don't mind since honestly, sex can only happen so many ways...it pretty much all boils down to "insert Tab A into Slot B" - but does flesh out the emotions and the what's-going-through-your-head's and whatnot.*shrug*It worked for me since I'm not really a fan of thrust-by-thrust playbacks described in excruciating[ly purple] detail.)Although I have to say the "Black Dagger warrior Hharm" made me laugh.Actually, so did "Wrath, son of Wrath."It was slightly awk cuz everytime I see "Brother"/"Brotherhood," I think of Assassin's Creed.Blah, blah, blah. More angst and shit. I started getting worried cuz I was getting close to the end AND THEY HADN'T FUCKING RECONCILED YET.But then it happened.HOOORAAAAAAAAY. Words cannot even begin to describe how fucking happy I am.That being said, I really did skip everything that didn't contain Qhuay, even in this one, so...I'll refrain from rating, I guess...