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Tentacles for the Brides Bouquet / Changed to Heart of a Saytr - kiix,  Derekica Snake Oh, Derekica. Derekica of the rape complex. Derekica of the father complex. Derekica of the MCs with stupid-ass names. Derekica of the MCs that for some reason tug at my heart strings once in a while. Dereckica of the random-ass shit that somehow works (probably because she's so unapologetic about it). Of the numerous grammatical errors and typos. Master of dub-con borderline non-con.I always feel like this when I read her stuff:I...I dunno. This one...I mean, her writing's not bad. It's just...there's something about them that kind of pole-axes me every time.Eh. Meh.I always get the feeling this is kind of on par with yaoi - it's actually an expression of female sexuality and rape fantasies and whatnot. *shrugAnd don't be mislead. The tentacles don't actually play a big part. They're there for maybe the first coupla chaps. And then it's on to the MCs and their mpreg glory. All of them O_OMuch later EtA:I've found it. The definition of Derekica Snake. It is this:http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RapePortrayedAsRedemption?from=Main.RapeAsRedemption