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Every Good Thing - M. Jules Aedin Are these people supposed to be vaguely Hebrew-inspired?Cuz this Sefar dude (the ancestor one) seems vaguely Joseph-inspired...That would make E'ea...Egypt?I mean, the names fit. They're slightly bastardized, but that's what fantasy authors do.Arieh, Rahel, Simen, Dan, Ashar...And then later, there's Dinah and Mara.That's interesting because "Ayh" reminded me "Allah" even before I started drawing heavier parallels.Junia is interesting. It was mentioned (someone did) that Junia was named after one of Enitan's gods...Juno lol...so...Roman...?kentari would be centurion...O: WAIT A MINUTE. Romans and Hebrews...Ooooh that actually happened in history O: (Like, in the Bible and stuff. The whole Jesus times. That was all in Rome. You can tell cuz there's that thing about whether or not it's moral to pay taxes to Caesar and Jesus is all like "Who's face is on the coin?" "...Caesar's...? (duh?)" "Give unto Caesar what is his" or something like that)Anyways, all this Bible-speak made it awk cuz it made it really allegorical...I think Ashar's Jesus....Oh, my god. This is the gospels told from the POV of a gay centurion. Hooooly shit. That was a weird revelation....does that make Arieh the dude who's ear got cut off?Nah. Just one of those random bedridden, mysteriously ill dudes Jesus healed, then.I'm curious as to why life as a dedicant of Ashkal is so horrendous.Meh. It's not bad. I'm not really a major fan of historicals (although I am rather partial to Regency romances if they're worked well), though, so *shrugI'm a bit sad we don't get to learn more about the Jesus dude.I also don't like the cover. *ahuddersMeh. Idk, man. I mean, I guess it's not bad. They avoid the research aspect by basically creating their own parallel dimension.The story was kind of sweet.