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The Highest Bidder - Kimberly Hunter Sounds like it has a good plot, but is overall too simplistically executed. Maybe if one day I'm seeking something mindless...? I feel like if I read this, I'm going to end up feeling the way I felt about The Hunger Games; I would have liked it if I'd read them as I was in middle school... late elementary school (6th grade ish? I was reading Robert Jordan in middle school...)I'd also like to point out that the blurb is rather stupid. Rhetorically speaking, that first statement should have been arranged in increasing value of shittiness, but the last thing (the theoretical worst thing) is him getting drugged? And that's worse than the kidnap-sold-to-the-highest-bidder thing? Aaaaand there goes the logic... RIP. *sniffs* *wipes at corner of the eye* *places hand dramatically over chest and sniffs some more*An interesting concept that just...didn't pan out...I'm going to refrain from cussing this book out and instead just say "I'm probably never going try this again."It was floofy-fied and trivialized and just...didn't work.I rather agree with SueM and Arlene (although the misused homophones and punctuation does make me cringe a bit), although I obviously did not make it to the end.