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Shadow Hunt - Luisa Prieto, Jayson Taylor Argh. What a godawful blurb.It's actually surprisingly good, although I do think the end rather fractured in focus. It comes off more as blatant serial set-up and doesn't quite conclude things satisfactorily because of that.You get the feeling that more is to come, yes, but that this chapter of the overall story isn't quite closed yet. There are still pages, sections missing that perhaps have been lost with age. I'd also like more of the backstory. You get glimpses and hints and there's enough there, yes, but it's also like Gertrude in Hamlet (or pretty much any Discovery channel history show) in that it raises more questions than it answers and in the end never actually answers them.For that reason, it gets 3 stars.But it's really quite good. It creates a marvelous atmosphere, a quite nicely mystical atmosphere. It becomes really oddly sensual, but in the good way: in the style of art films.