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Double Black - Clancy Nacht, Thursday Euclid It has been so awkwardly long that I don't even know how old these people are anymore.For some reason, I awkwardly assumed they're teen stars. Or young stars (like...early 20's or something). Oh, god. If Jett has as 20-ish year old son, I certainly hope he's at least in his late 30's or something O_O. Or at least mid-30's... O_OD:How old are these people???Okay...so Jett's at least after college age. *whew. Now...how old's Goldie?Damn. I don't want to have to go look in bk 1 D: //laaaazyK. Getting over my age psych.This is absolutely beautiful. This is pure artist angst at its finest. It's piercing, haunting, but also hauntingly relatable (at least for me, but then I've always been a weirdo. An artistic soul with no inborn artistic talent *sigh).It's poignant. It's stirring. It's so achingly sweet.D: I can feel teh feelz!Damn. Reading this actually makes me want to reread bk 1, so bravo.And dude. Even with the sex. It was, like, everything I evah wanted.Little major happy dance when Billy got all assertive and toppy ^^Actually, it got a liiittle creepy after a while...As in quite a lot creepy O_OIt seems pretty well researched, too. I looked up a bunch of stuff on vasectomies cuz I don't know shit, but the stuff I found seemed to at least not contradict, if not corroborate, with some of the fine-tune points this book had.Cole seems a bit juvenile to me at times, but I'm not far from that age myself so I guess I still have a bit of residual snootiness over the need to prove that I am more mature than you old people seem to think. And I was always an odd child anyways. Never did quite operate within the realms of social norms; I read way too much for that.Anyways, I guess that mean's he's well-written?Argh. It was so good. And then...it...gets......preachy.And then weird.I squicked out at the Kyle/Cole sex scene *shuddersEh. The ending isn't nearly as impactful as the first part is, but it's not bad, I guess...It's weird, though, because I remember little of the first book, so I feel like maybe I don't quite have all the necessary context info...Eh. I dunno. I'm not such a big fan of the ending, but I guess it's not bad.