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The Long Con - Lori Toland The exposition was so skirted over that I am untirely uncertain what exactly was happening. Who was working for whom for what against which side? Hey, you! Yeah, I know you want to skip to the sex, but can't you just pause one moment to expl-Fine. Fine. Just keep fucking. *throws hands up in the air in exasperation*And of course, random sex is magical best sex he's ever had.Laaaaame.*snickers* That's already been done before.I'm just highly annoyed that I have no idea what's going on. Of course, I could go back and reread in hopes of deciphering some details from this huge clusterfuck, but I'm not yet at the point where I'm so hopelessly lost I'd need to. So I do what I always do - plough on.And I was right. A little explainy-explainy session a bit later on with this Anne chick clears up a lot of stuff.I don't quite know if I buy into the whole instant-chick-and-dick magnet thing that seems pivotal to the story, but whatever. It's fiction.Actually, you know what? The main character reminds me of a gay Gaston...and Beast, now that I think of it, all in one.Something that bothers me is that I see no basis of the MC's declaration that he's a dom (Not Dom - just dom). I mean, I see that he's pretty much a consummate top, but dom?Actually, a bit later, there's some stuff that can be construed as light D/s, I guess...I think the MC just enjoys being an asshole.Tony's pretty inexplicable, too. How the fat is he so trusting? He just meets this dude, gets fucked, and instantly acts as if he knew him all his life? Am I sensing some TSTL here?Eh. The kink in here annoys me because it seems like obligatory kink.It's not a bad story. It's just a story I can't see ever happening irl. It's also really, really sex-centric when it would have benefited more from being more plot-driven, especially with the whole intrigue element it was trying to embrace.It was weird. I think I actually quite liked it, regardless of all the weirdness and kitschiness and whatnot.I actually quite liked that it was so unprofessional and farcical because Bradley isn't a "professional." It made more sense for him to be all stupid and impulsive and whatnot.Something like that.It's a weird mix of the absurd and realistic.I actually could see this as a chick flick. Well, sans the explicit sex in movie.It's so unapologetically kooky that I find myself giving it some grudging respect.I think weirdly enough I actually kind of liked it.