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Embrace - Megan Derr I'm not quite sure what to think of this one. It was different from any other vampire book I'd read before, but in a good way, I think. It was actually pretty clever and creative.The characters...they are numerous, but complex in their own rights. But not quite. I get the feeling they are, but they aren't. It's not something I can put my finger on, but the underlying feeling of... I don't know. It's as if the characters are playing to the stereotypes or character profiles or whatever, but not quite. As I said, like they're playing up to the role they belong to. Or should belong to. Or feel they should, based on their circumstances...What is annoying, though, are the grammatical and spelling errors. Most of them seem to be typos rather than anything else, but still annoying, nonetheless.Overall, though, I kind of get the feeling that this book isn't quite done. Half-formed, in a way. Or a diamond that is still in the process of being cut. You can already see the different facets of the brilliant cut forming, but not all the facets have been cut yet and it's only the vague suggestion of the final product. But still, complete enough that you can already see the final result from the potential and it has an odd beauty in its own way.I was actually quite sad when it ended, which says a lot about the book.(I've noticed Derr does a lot with different scents. A lot of her books seem to have references to perfumes and whatnots. It made for interesting touches to her story...smell's a sense that not many people focus on, at least, not outright.)