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The Desire for Dearborne - V.B. Kildaire O: I SEE "CONSUMPTIVE"Julio, look at what you've done to me.I like it. Leander, first off, has a really cool name. In addition, he's naive, yes, but not altogether stupid. It's rather refreshing. He's not an ingenue. It's cool.So, yeah. It was good; I quite liked it, but then it was plot, plot, plot, random intrigue that wasn't bad, deus ex machina Absolution of Responsibilities, stalking, pretty much a farcical chase scene, random stuff, more sex. Actually, the sex wasn't bad, I guess. It was...adorable sex. I was a bit poleaxed by that.Later half, imo, was weird, but I still rather liked the characters, so... *shrugThe very ending was kind of cute.