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Secret Chemistry  - Chris T. Kat The cover is kind of really adorable...post-read EtA:The cover is kind of adorable, although according to the book descriptions, rather inaccurate.The story...I rather liked it when they were kids. I didn't really like Jay as a small child, though, but Idk if that's really cuz it's unrealistic or because I'm just too big of a hard-ass on small children. But seriously? A three year old who doesn't know how to use verbs? I didn't really like it when they met again. The characterization was weird. They didn't seem to act in character after all that shit was set. I liked Tim's angsting, but it was a bit meh at times. The sex was so awk and squicky. I'm not sure what it is about it that squicked me so much, but I just skipped it all. I didn't like the character interactions at all and I actually rather disliked the author for the way xe made Robin act. (Literally that way; I don't dislike Robin - well, I do - but I dislike more the author because of Robin.)It got preachy and weird and wtf.*sighBut the premise was so good D: