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Drawn Together - Z.A. Maxfield Hmm...friends ratings are all over the board for this one (much like my ratings for Maxfield books).The Japanese element worries me, though. I always worry when Asian elements are included... I'm always worried it'll be very weeaboo D:Post-give up EtA:I can't do this. I can't go on. Perhaps one day I'll return to this, but I can't handle this right now.DNF @ ~62%Here are comments I wrote whist reading:"Rory’s mother had been supportive of her son’s wild plan, asking him over and over had he hit his head on something."His mother and I must have different ideas on what the word "supportive" means...And what. The fuck?Ran is his surname? That would make Yamane his first name, right?...what. The author turned an actual Japanese given name into a surname and a surname into a given name.Oh, man. The author pulled another name reversal. I thought "Ran Yamane" was already one (You know, listing the name according to Western convention as opposed to Eastern one). But no. I suspect the author may have gotten lost in her name-translation-reversing-traversals....WEEEEEEABOOOOOOO~(I imagined this sung to the theme of "Scooby Doo" ^^)And idk if this is just cover-art awkness, but I'm pretty sure the "trench coat" is actually supposed to be a modern variant of a changpao...I laughed at the Japanese-ESL errors. Those pesky R/L sounds! Although if he's pm American, I fail to see why he would have these errors.Anyways, character study time!Ran is interesting. (I'm choosing to regard that as his given name, no matter what the author tries to say [unless that is indeed what the author will try to say]). He's so casually cruel. Part of that is intrinsic, but another part of it comes from his social-awkwardness.The continued references to the name swaps are really weird and off-setting.Actually, Ran reminds me a lot of Sumiya from Hoshi no Yakata. He's probably a Defrosting Ice Queen, although I also get the feeling he's kind of tsundere (although he barely qualifies as tsuntsun since I believe he really is a recluse at heart)... (so I declare whist being 25 pages in. We'll see how it ultimately ends up playing out). He's also got some of the "cute, but evil" vibe mixed in, although that may be author-contrived.As for Rory...his is a character archetype I've seen in manga, too. He's the wise idiot. The character that on the surface seems all light-hearted and ditzy and useless but is actually a wise and powerful secret ___(wizard, immortal whatever person that is unique to that specific manga world) of some sort. His magic skill is Poker Power.The prose is weirdly stiff. It's got a sort of not-native English speaker cadence to it. It's choppy, for one thing, and the word order seems a bit off at times.When that mysterious violent chick showed up, that sealed this thing's fate. It's a manga. It's not even a light novel. It's a manga. But it's worse than that. It's a soap opera. A manga soap opera. Lord have mercy on my soul.And it's nomance.And Ran calls himself a graphic artist and not a mangaka, even though I'm pretty sure his stuff is described as manga *shakes head in sardonic disapproval.The chapters all end really weirdly abruptly. Weird and abrupt and weirdly abrupt.At around 45%, I amend my statement. It IS yaoi - especially that scene were Yamane goes and loses himself in that Edward dude or whatever it's implying and stuff. And it's got yaoi logic. Bad weather? Sex. You're feeling scared and vulnerable? Now would be a great time for me to fuck you.And then there was the awkward collaring thing...(there's no way it could have been anything other than that).And yeah, I'm getting picky now, but "Finally, sobbing but spent, unable even to pick himself up off the ground, Rory picked Yamane up and sat with him, holding him like a baby until he fell into a deep sleep." misplaced modifier.After much discussion in the comment section of my non-review while I was reading, I'd like to say this:I think it's more than just a yaoi framework. It's weird because, as I said in the comments, there are all these different manga archetypes everywhere in some odd patchwork.You know what? It's all in the river. I'm going to let it go and just...ride the wave of ridiculousness.Rory reminds me a lot of the assistant dude in The Tyrant Falls in Love (or Who Falls in Love; diff translations by diff ppl) I don't remember his name, but yeah. The assistant dude.