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Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke - Connie Bailey Tiger's a "full-fledged Iron man."Oh, popular culture. How you invade my consciousness.Uhh... yeah. I have no real complaints. Wow.Hmm... a point about the names, though. They first introduce the name in Japanese, and then repeat it in English and create nicknames based on that. It's just odd because while the entire thing is in English, we as the reader ought to pretend as if the characters are speaking Japanese (or Korean, in the very beginning). I suppose it's not a big deal for others, but I have a bit of passing knowledge in Japanese, so, for example, the creation of a nickname for "Tanpopo" (Dandelion) as either "Dandy" or "Lion" doesn't quite work in Japanese unless it's being pronounced literally "Dandy" (dandi) or "Lion" (raion). This, of course, makes me wonder if all of the other names work like that - the name they're given is Japanese, but the pronunciations they use is a sort of English transliterated one.There was also a mention of an accent. Weird, unless they're referring to English? What would a Parisian accent in Japanese sound like?Ending seemed a bit too idealistic to me, but w/e. The cover's gorgeous.It brings up some really good points, but I didn't quite agree with the reasoning behind the way things played out towards the end.Ah, well.It kind of reminded me of ICoS a few times.