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Bee Among The Clover - Fae Sutherland, Marguerite Labbe Blurb awkwardness is awkward. ("Captured from Roman-held Londinium four years prior, Roman has learned in his time as Wulfgar's bedslave...")I mean, yeah, the dude's name kind of has a meaning behind it, but couldn't you have found a better way to phrase the blurb? It's not actually that punny or amusing...about the actual story:TROPE. POOR COMMUNICTION KILLSAron is so deluded. Actually, Roman/Marcus is really damn deluded, too....I mean, they kind of seem to click, and they kind of seem to love each other, but are they maybe better off without each other?I can't decide if maybe they're not soulmates after all or if they are soulmates, but their souls are...idk, not calibrated in such a way that they actually come together or something?Idk, man. I don't quite like the ending. It was really...simplistic.There were also a few points of grammatical weirdness, but I think I'm starting to become resigned towards the fact that most people do not know how to use commas.I guess it's not bad? It's just really annoying because those two stupid idiots aren't in sync for most of the thing, so it's all about them about them being determined, "whatever the cost," to NOT find a way to be happy with each other. Or perhaps find ways to be happy according to their own limited, highly biased, prejudiced, etc. views.Lots of stupid farce.I got to a point where I kind of just wanted them to resign themselves to the fact that shit ain't working out and move the fuck on. I mean, seriously. They could have done so much more to actually get together. A lot of it, though, is that their personalities weren't designed in such a way to allow that.Marcus' transformation or whatever towards the end really weirded me out. I mean, I was actually quite inclined to agree with Wulfgar when he said there's a lot more of Roman in Marcus than Aron seems to want to believe, but it's like the authors ended up going along with Aron's delusions. I mean, I guess maybe this is the calm before the storm and shit'll hit the fan in bk 2, but *shrug.By the end, I was kind of more "thank god it's over" and not "ooooh I want to read the next book!"idk, man. I might end up reading it out of curiosity, since I'm not really sure how the two characters' story can be continued. Jk. I just took a look. It's about Wulfgar instead.Oh, yeah. Another weird point was how blasé everyone was regarding the whole gay sex thing. But hey. It's their universe. I guess they can do with it what they will...