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Far Too Human - Anitra Lynn McLeod Ice queen, just waiting to be defrosted. Not just any ice queen. A tsundere ice queen.This, weirdly enough, actually reminds me quite closely of a yaoi I read a while ago.Something about an earl and some random gardener dude or other. Anyways, it's a bit of fantastic fluffy fun. The resolution to the initial problem came too easily.And I agree that the steampunk elements are woefully underdeveloped/unexplored. The author hints at much and actually describes little. Even the world itself is little-described.This is very saddening. The concept is so good. There's just too much focus on the character interactions and budding romance that we all know is inevitable anyways and not enough on the world.*sighI mean, the intrigue is interesting and stuff, but the world really, really needs a lot more fleshing out before we can really get it. The whole manbot thing...that needs further defining for certain points to be more significant/have more meaning to the reader.The existential points were very Pygmalion-esque.*sighNo, that's not right at all. The steampunk isn't very steampunk-y. It's more government-conspiracy-esque.But disappointingly, the conspiracy part was woefully underdeveloped, too....*sighso much lost potential...This thing made me virtual-sigh three times. *resigned sighAlas and alack. I feel so disappointed...